How well do you know CW THE FLASH??

This quiz tests how much you know CW THE FLASH and asks you a series of questions.That see how much you know The Flash and if you are basically him a speedster.

The questions are about the show and Barry in the past seasons the question ask how he felt in all seasons about some of his past enemys like Savitar.

Created by: Lexani Valdez
  1. Why did Barry hate Savitar so much?
  2. How did Barry become THE FLASH?
  3. How long was Barry in a coma?
  4. One more question are you ready?
  5. What type of powers does ceceel get because of her pregnacy?
  6. No sorry just 5 more questions not 1
  7. Why might iris be a speedster?
  8. Why does barry ask thawne to kill his mother again?
  9. Just one more question I'm serious this time
  10. Who is savitar?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know CW THE FLASH??