How well do you know the binding of isaac

Are you going to take this quiz that's the real quiz I'm just kiddin YOU ARE haha anyway do you know the binding of Isaac or are you just a internet scroller lets fin out

How well do YOU know the binding of Isaac can I take 5 minutes of your time to quiz you on your twisted, bloody, religious knowlage well if I can let's find out

Created by: Techatron
  1. Who is isaac
  2. Is the binding of Isaac a dark game
  3. What is it rated
  4. How many games (including DLC) are ther
  5. Who is the creator
  6. What did the creater make before the binding of Isaac game/games
  7. What is the binding of isaac
  8. Who are the 3 first charicters
  9. What's "brimstone"
  10. Who is the FINAL FINAL boss

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the binding of isaac