personality test

There are many nice and kind people on planet earth and many evil people as well there also a few well lets say to be kind "weirdos" if you are wondering what you are.

Try this little quiz i frogmaster999 (also known as Isaac) came up with it will only take a few minutes at the most see if you are nice, aggressive, grumpy or just plain weird.

Created by: frogmaster999
  1. Someone hit you what would you do
  2. Someone you fancy says hi how do you respond.
  3. You get expelled how do you respond
  4. Your parents get a present you hate what do you do
  5. Your neighbor complains about the noise you are making how do you respond.
  6. Someone asks you 4 a fight what do you say.
  7. A bully calls you a rude word how would you react.
  8. Someone tells you to jump off a cliff what would you do.
  9. Someone challenges you to a race what would you do.
  10. Someone disses your friend how would you react.
  11. What you describe yourself as

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