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This quiz is about Stomach Ulcers and Barry Marshall, the man who discovered Helicobacter Pylori. This quiz was made by Nickhil, Isaac, Joseph and Nakul.

Do you know who Barry Marshall is? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about Stomach Ulcers, Helicobacter Pylori and Barry Marshall. Good luck!!!!!!

Created by: Science Group
  1. Why can stools look dark or tar like?
  2. What can the vomit sometimes have?
  3. What were the jobs of Barry Marshall's parents?
  4. What award did Barry Marshall receive in 1995?
  5. What were the three different types of research carried out by Barry Marshall?
  6. What kinds of chemicals cause blood vessels to leak fluid into the tissues?
  7. Did the immune response help or hinder the tissues?
  8. What did Barry Marshall do with a sample of the bacteria?
  9. One way to avoid a H. Pylori infection is to:
  10. The people most likely to receive a H. Pylori infection are:
  11. Why did Barry Marshal infect himself with a cultured sample of H. Pylori?
  12. Why did nobody believe that a bacterium was responsible for Stomach Ulcers?
  13. How did they find out the disease?
  14. How does the disease transmit?
  15. What technology found the disease?
  16. What tests did they carry out to find the disease?
  17. What do they know about the disease now?

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