How well do yu know science?

Hello guys. Yet another person has taken my quiz ! I have many others so make sure to take them! I hope you like this one cauze I actually had to use my brain folks! So yeah take the quiz and enjoy!

How well do YOU kow know science? Is your mind up to the challege!? Can you ready yourself for the task ahead of you!? Roar your engines folks and ready set anser those queistins!

Created by: awesome89

  1. I'll start off easy.
  2. What are the 3 states of matter?
  3. What does the word SPECIES mean.
  4. Is a plant a carnivore,omnivore,herbivore or a consumer?
  5. What do we release into the air that makes global warming?
  6. What pole do polar bears live?
  7. What is the feezing point of water?(celsius)
  8. What is the feezing point of water?(celsius)
  9. What of the following is a inherited trait?
  10. What is the top speed of a cheetah.

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