In which branch of science are you interested???

Science have a great number of branches.They all are interesting.But every particular person is interested in different branch of science or they are not interested in science at all.Let us see in which branch of science from the three are you interested? 1.Physics...2.Chemistry...3.Biology...

If you want to know in which branch of science you are interested from these three branches :Physics,Science and Biology.Then take this quiz and you'll know.PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RESULTS ARE NOT ACCURATE.THEY CAN BE WRONG.THE QUIZ IS JUST FOR FUN!

Created by: Gracious

  1. Sound is a form of ____?
  2. If the Angle of reflection is 80 degree, The angle of incidence must be ___?
  3. What is Sound of Single Frequency known as?
  4. Parenchyma cells can be identified due to its _____?
  5. The long structures on the head of the cockroach are called?
  6. The cell organelle_____is conspicuous in the slide of onion peel.
  7. When an iron nail is dipped in the solution of copper sulphate, What type of change in colour of the solution is observed after some time?
  8. In a ________ the constituent elements are in a fixed proportion by weight.
  9. ____________ is a chemical reaction.
  10. Which is the branch of science which you hate the most?

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Quiz topic: In which branch of science am I interested???