How Well Do You Know the Beatles?

Many people claim they "know" the Beatles, and many make quizes on GTQ to "prove" their amazing knowledge. Well, I'll just say this: if you think you know the Beatles from THOSE GTQ guizzes, then, mate, you are in for a very rude awakening.

You may know the first time they set foot into America, but do you really truly know the band who had changed the course of music history for decades? Well, we are aboutto find out, now, aren't we?

Created by: George8800
  1. Which country were the Beatles from?
  2. What was their first major release as the Beatles?
  3. Who was John Lennon married to (first wife):
  4. Which feature-length movie was their first?
  5. What year did they meet Elvis Presley, and what was their response?
  6. What drug did they test in 1965 and use devotedly thereafter? Hint: it was the biggest inspiration to Revolver
  7. What year were they made into wax figures?
  8. Who was the youngest Beatle?
  9. Who was the oldest?
  10. Best known single?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Beatles?