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Well, That was my Beatles quiz and I hoped you enjoyed it. I know you did really good on this quiz and you know a lot about the Beatles. Have a good day!

I wanted to create this quiz because the Beatles are my favorite band and They inspired me to listen to music and love their music. I want you to spread the Beatles music around to others! Have a good day!

Created by: Poly66
  1. What Beatles song has the lyrics " Kissing you was fun honey But thanks for the date. But i must come to run honey, But you know baby it's getting late."
  2. What Beatles song is on the "Abbey Road" Album?
  3. Which Beatles member is the oldest member?
  4. What is the longest Beatles song?
  5. What Beatles song is sung by Ringo?
  6. Which Beatles song is the shortest?
  7. Which Beatles song is on the "Anthology" Album?
  8. On the "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" Album cover, What color clothes is Ringo wearing?
  9. What album is the song "Hold me Tight" on it?
  10. Which Beatles member was knighted?

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