How well do you know The Avengers?

Hi Everybody This is an Avengers quiz we will know if you really are a true fan and no matter what your score is you are still a true fan of the Avengers.

Are you a real Marvel Fan do you remember all the Marvel movies if so then start the quiz we will your score in just a few minutes of answering my question so what are you waiting for go start the quiz.

Created by: Amazingguy123

  1. What was the First Movie in the MCU
  2. Where was the soul stone found?
  3. Who was guarding the soul stone?
  4. Where was the Reality stone found?
  5. What is the name of the object that can hold all infinity stones and whoever wields this have unlimited power?
  6. Who was the villain that Spiderman Fought in Spiderman Homecoming
  7. When was The Avengers First Released?
  8. In the Incredible Hulk at what heart rate does Bruce Banner turn into The Incredible HUlk?
  9. In Thor what was the name of the thing that Loki sent to destroy Thor?
  10. Whom Avengers joined Team Iron man in Captain America Civil War?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Avengers?