How well do you know Teen Wolf?

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There are many fans of Teen Wolf out there, but I wanna know who the real fans are. Are you are genius about the Teen Wolf series? Are you clever and smart and know all about Teen Wolf?

Are you Teen Wolf crazy and think you know everything about the show? Sit down for a few minutes and take this quiz to find out if you are a Teen Wolf genius.

Created by: Courtney

  1. What is Derek's last name?
  2. How many siblings does Scott have?
  3. What is Scott?
  4. Who is Malia?
  5. What is Scott's mothers name?
  6. What is Stiles' dads profession?
  7. Why did Allison have to repeat?
  8. Who is involved in the ship name Stalia?
  9. Who is involved in the ship Sterek?
  10. What season did Stiles turn into Void Stiles?
  11. What season did Allison die?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Teen Wolf?