How well do you know TCW (The Clone Wars)

Hello. Good morning or afternoon. I would like to test your Star Wars IQ. The thing makes u type 150 characters so this is for that: hubbyftvgfhggggbhvhggfgf

Bghffrfggghbjhkhndufndhc jdhdbchdbhcdbhcdnucbdbdhddbjdgddjhcncudbchdncudncjdhdncjdjcjfhdhcudnjcdjdjdkslslslskmdjdhc6vbdmsksosydtdbd mcjdhdbc. Jdhhdbdndmjdhdb

Created by: Captain Rex

  1. What is Captain Rex’s serial/birth number?
  2. What is Fives’ serial/birth number?
  3. What color is the 501st’s color?
  4. Does Rex kill Ashoka?
  5. Does Cody kill Obi-Wan?
  6. Does Rex kill Jesse?
  7. Is Rex ever shot?
  8. Does Rex kill Cody
  9. Who is Sheev Palpatine?
  10. Who does Rex try to reason with to save Ashoka?
  11. Finally, did you enjoy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know TCW (The Clone Wars)