Which Star Wars Old Republic character are you

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This is a quiz that determines what star wars the old republic character this quiz is written be me Jake I hope you enjoy the quiz and like star wars like me if you play SWTOR I am ZabrakCrimeLord, DNRMST, Xerban and HeirOfSion.

I made this quiz because there are not much old republic era supporters and there should be its really great and I found it very interesting and I like the characters from that era its great.

Created by: Jake/Xerban

  1. What side are you on ?
  2. What light saber colour would you have ?
  3. What pet would you have ?
  4. What force power is your favorite ?
  5. You saw a crying child alone on the streets what do you do ?
  6. what is your most useful thing ?
  7. what is most important to you ?
  8. what people do you like most ?
  9. What is your favorite droid ?
  10. which force are you ?

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