Which Star Wars Girl Should You Marry?

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Hey, Star Wars fans! Okay, ladies, shoo, 'cause this quiz is for the guys! Which Star Wars lady are you going to end up with? Sabine??? Padme??? Or fan-favorite Ahsoka???

This quiz is clean, FYI. There is a meme for each result, but those are clean. All humor is about Yaddle, Rey, and the memes themselves. Let's get started.

Created by: Nerd123456
  1. What comes first in your life?
  2. Which stereotype are you in your friend group?
  3. Are you okay with your girlfriend having a tattoo?
  4. Are you closer to your friends or family?
  5. Have you ever been in a relationship?
  6. How much are you a Star Wars fan?
  7. Are you subscribed to Disney+?
  8. Which series are you most excited for?
  9. How do you feel about the whole Gina Carano incident?
  10. Finally, how was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Star Wars Girl should I Marry?