How well do you know tanner fox

This is a quiz that was made in November 5 2016 it's a fun experience but some questions are difficult but I under stand so good luck and I joy 😎😎

If you are a true genius you will get a 100 if not then good luck and before you start the quiz watch his videos so you will learn more now you may begin

Created by: Katie

  1. What is tanner really good at
  2. What does tanner do alot
  3. How many doing your dares has tanner made
  4. How many follower on Instagram does tanner fox have
  5. True or false tanner has three siblings
  6. True or false tanner has 530 post on Instagram
  7. Tanner does skated board trick shots
  8. True or false tanner has A Twitter account
  9. Tanners last name is fox
  10. Tanner has a trampoline

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Quiz topic: How well do I know tanner fox