How well do you know Supertux?

Supertux is a fun game like Mario. Here, you cna do a quiz about Supertux. It is awesome, but see this: you can only do it if you have the game! All others can't play!

Do you think you are a Supertux genius? Are you a player who can beat all the levels? Do you watch Supertux videos? Do you think you cna master Supertux AND the quiz?

Created by: Daniel Ward

  1. What is the first level called in the snow world?
  2. How about the Forest world?
  3. Which world is snarf in?
  4. What is the 5th key?
  5. Who are the bosses in levels?
  6. Which of these levels is hard?
  7. Medium?
  8. Easy?
  9. Who is the main badguy?
  10. Hard question: How many levels in the Snow World?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Supertux?