How well do you know Supergirlygamer

There are people who try and succeed along with people who try harder but still fail so all of those losers I hope you know that you aren't stupid or idiotic

Do you think you know who Jen is? If you think so than here is your chance to prove it! All of the people who think they suck then you are in luck to prove you don't

Created by: Gemstone

  1. How old is Supergirlygamer
  2. When is her birthday
  3. When did she first start her channel
  4. What color is her hair
  5. How many times does she post videos
  6. Where does she live
  7. Did she get married
  8. How many pets have they had
  9. Who is she married to
  10. Do you even know who Supergirlygamer is
  11. Do you like this quiz(doesn't count against score)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Supergirlygamer