The Moronically Idiotic Test

Welcome to the "Moronically Idiotic" quiz which would love to give you stupid questions to check how moronically idiotic person you are. Please get started, my moron!

At the end of this quiz, you would be given a certificate by The Moronical Institute of Idiots, so please answer moronically! Best of luck, idiot human!

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Which game can be played on a landline?
  2. If you're a moron, can you be an idiot?
  3. The earth is round. True or false?
  4. Is the sun hot?
  5. If you live in Australia, where'd you live?
  6. Bulls are crazy?
  7. If you got 100 pens and your friend got 11 pens.. DAMN JUST CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER
  8. What's the quiz name?
  9. Pick the question number.
  10. Are you a moronically idiotic person?

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