The idiotic test!

This is the idiotic test! I was bored so, I made this quiz for fun and games! If you want to see if your a bit slow in the head, you can take this! Once again, this was for fun and games only!

This quiz is not to be taken seriously, this was only for fun and not to offend anyone. If anyone of these questions are incorrect, please don't yell at me.

Created by: Lola

  1. Are you an idiot?
  2. What is 6+1?
  3. Do you think I'm an idiot for making this?
  4. yhw si siht sdrawkcab? (What does this say?)
  5. Which rises first, the sun or the moon?
  6. What's your favorite holiday?
  7. What color am I thinking of? (HINT: Green)
  8. At this point, was I getting tired of making this? (HINT: Yes)
  9. Was I making this for fun?
  10. Watch me whip whip

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