What's the best game for you?

Games there are thousands of them. They come out every day with like 10 games. How to keep up we are drowning here in the software but how to decide wich games to take?

Well your in luck because after hard work i have made a quiz to determine wich kind of games you would be interested in. Action, Rpg, Music you name it.

Created by: Thomas

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your friends are over and you can go choose something to do.
  2. You can pick a free game.
  3. What console would you rather pick?
  4. You save the world by:
  5. Your neighbours may be spying on you what do you do.
  6. Pikachu nocks on your door
  7. Would you ever play hide and seek
  8. You are coocking and then the fire alarm goes off how do you react?
  9. How many bugs did you kill.
  10. Final Question. How many hours whould you like to invest in a game every day.

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