are you truly an oblivion genius?

the result of this quiz depends on how much you play this great game. this is a role playing game with a great story to it. do you have what it takes?

are you a genius? go ahead and prove it. this game is a mind blowing role playing video game that will be sure to get you addicted. oblivion is great for gamers.

Created by: matthew
  1. which guild (or knights of nine)is NOT against killing? (does not include animals or anything that is attacking you.)
  2. in the last thieves guild quest, what are you required to do?
  3. in the arena, who is it that you have to fight in order to win the grand champion title?
  4. in a dark brother hood quest, why do you kill all of your "brothers"?
  5. who is the mysterious stranger in anvil?
  6. which city is best known by its wine?
  7. in the arena, what same race of three do you fight before the last ones?
  8. Martin Septim is found in Kavatch.
  9. which home is found in skingrad?
  10. who is the giant dragon that kills merchunes dagon?

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Quiz topic: Am I truly an oblivion genius?