The Ultimate Oblivion Quiz!

From The Makers Of The Elder Scrolls, Emerges Oblivion, Uch, What The Hell? I Bet You Think, I Could Ace This, Your Thinking, Well, Hold On To Your 0-16%

From The Era Of TES : 1, Then TES : 2, So On, A Hero Emerged, And You (PLAYERNAMEHERE) Should BE That Hero, Think You Could? Then You Need To Take Some Easy Exams!

Created by: Mitchell Hevingham
  1. What Is NOT A Race?(VERY EASY)
  2. What Is The Main Heir?(EASY)
  3. What Is The Fanciest (Purchasable) House In The Game Called?(NO EXPANSIONS, MEDIUM)
  4. Methredel Is Part Of What Guild? (HARD)
  5. Where Can You Find The Gray Prince? (MEDIUM HARD)
  6. Mannimarco Is The King Of ________ (HARD)
  7. What Skill Is Lockpicking Known As?(EASY)
  8. Can Jauffre Die?(VERY EASY)
  9. Porphylic Homophelia Is Know As What(HARD)
  10. Whats The Tallest Mountain?(HARD)

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