Are you an Elder Scrolls fanatic?

This quiz includes both general and specific questions about the Elder Scrolls. You will be quizzed on how much and how many Elder Scrolls games you've played, and also some specific details that only a dedicated Elder Scrolls fan may know.

If you get every single one of these completely correct, you could be an Elder Scrolls fanatic! Some of the questions are easy and have to do with things directly in the game, while others may be more difficult and focus on story and lore. Most questions revolve around Morrowind and Oblivion, as not even I know a whole lot about Arena and Daggerfall. Good Luck!

Created by: Moshadawg

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  1. What company makes the Elder Scrolls games?
  2. Have you ever played Arena? If so, did you complete the main quest?
  3. Have you ever played Daggerfall? If so, have you completed the main quest?
  4. Have you ever played Morrowind? If so, have you completed the main quest?
  5. Have you ever played Oblivion? If so, have you completed the main quest?
  6. Are you familiar with Fargoth?
  7. Do you know what the Uderfrykte Matron is?
  8. Have you ever seen the Uderfrykte Matron?
  9. In which game do you NOT start off as a prisoner?
  10. Who betrayed Emperor Uriel Septim?
  11. Which Tribunal God tries to kill you when go to Mournhold?
  12. Do you know what happens to Jiub?
  13. How large is the gameworld of Daggerfall?
  14. In general, what is the best tier of weapons and armor in the Elder Scrolls games.
  15. Nords come from what province?
  16. Who is the king of Morrowind?
  17. In what province is the city of Daggerfall located?
  18. Which race gets the largest magicka boost?
  19. Have you ever killed a breeding Netch? Not just any Netch, but a breeding one... (This does not affect your score)

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Quiz topic: Am I an Elder Scrolls fanatic?