How well do you know Percy Jackson?

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There are very few people that can get an A in Percyology!! Even though I know more than you cause Im obsessed doesn't mean you're stupid. It just means you're idiotic.

JUst kidding about the idiotic thing. I hope you have fun taking this test! Please take my other quiz after this. It's a which character are you test. Have fun!!!

Created by: PercyLover723

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  1. First let's start with the basics! Who is Percy's father?
  2. How old is Percy Jackson?
  3. Who are Percy's TWO best friends?
  4. Where did Percy Jackson live before he knew he was a demigod?
  5. WHat is Percy's Mom's Name?
  6. Who is Percy's NEW enemey?
  7. Who is Percy's Secert Love?
  8. What color are Percy's eyes?
  9. What is the museum that Percy's class went to?
  10. What type of monster was Percy's teacher and what was her name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson?