How well do you know Stranger Things?

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It's been about six months since Netflix dropped Stranger Things into our lives. But here's the thing, we binge-watched it so fast and so long ago that we can hardly remember anything that happens! Let's put your memory to the test - how well can you actually remember what the HELL happened in that small town in 1983?

This is a really basic quiz for any of you guys to try out. If you're a real fan, you should get all of them right; or at least get one of the wrong. Let's put you to the test.

Created by: Amanda
  1. What is the name of one of the monsters?
  2. What happens to Eleven every time she uses her powers?
  3. What is the name of Dustin's girlfriend?
  4. Who is Elven's sister?
  5. What happens to Max's brother in the last season?
  6. What do the four of the boys dress up as for Halloween?
  7. What does Mrs. Driscoll eat when she "goes crazy"?
  8. What do they call Will when he finally comes back?
  9. Out of these options, what were one of the words in the Russian code?
  10. Who's pink dress did Eleven wear with the blonde wig?
  11. Who is the fan of "My little pony"?
  12. Which character appears in all episodes?
  13. Where was the first place Eleven went to after her escape?
  14. Who is Chester?
  15. What did Alexei want to exchange for his information about the Russian's operation?
  16. Who made the spiked bat Steve used to fight the monsters with?
  17. What was the name of video game that Max scored more than Dustin?
  18. Who's favourite candy is "Reese's Pieces"?
  19. What is the name of Will's father's girlfriend?
  20. Stranger Things takes place in a fictional rural town called Hawkins – but what US state is it in?

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