How Well Do You Know Stardoll?

Quiz Image is a fashion and design website for a variety of people all over the world! But there is only few TRUE Stardoll fanatics. I am one, are you?

Come along in this challenging yet extremely simple quiz as you discover who you really are - A Stardoll player OR a TRUE Stardoll fanatic! Have fun!

Created by: crazyglittergirl

  1. What is the name of the Stardoll Shopping mall?
  2. When was Stardoll created?
  3. What was Stardoll's first official name?
  4. Who won MSW '13?
  5. What are the gold coins on Stardoll called?
  6. Can you have a bf/gf on Stardoll?
  7. True or false, you can only wear 20 things at once in the Beauty Parlor?
  8. You have to be level 18+ to join a club.
  9. You have to be level 18+ to participate in NCG & CG.
  10. What is the "BORN THIS WAY" award for?
  11. You have to be 13+ years old to create a Stardoll account.
  12. What is the first name of the person who created Stardoll?
  13. How many things can you have on your Wish List at once?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Stardoll?