How much do you know Stardoll?

Try this quiz. Why not? Just try and see how good of a Stardoll citizen you are! It might sound boring but you'll be surprised to find out a lot of new things you may have not known before!

Questions about the Stardoll owner, fun-facts and many things you never knew before! What you need to do is click on the right answer and then, continue on to the next question! There are exactly 10 questions! Enjoy.

Created by: Noura

  1. In what year was stardoll made?
  2. What was stardoll called before it was called stardoll?
  3. When was Stardoll launched?
  4. Who invented Stardoll?
  5. In what year did the user cutie_noura join stardoll?
  6. Who is the stardoll staff worker for the United States?
  7. In what year did Callie.Stardoll join?
  8. True or False: Stardoll has over 500,000,000 users.
  9. True or False: In order to become a royalty member, you will need to buy superstar membership for over two years.
  10. True or False: Cheats and giving out your password for free membership is NOT against the One-Stop rules.
  11. Do you like Stardoll?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Stardoll?