How well do you know Star Wars

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Do you want to test your Star Wars knowledge? Well this may just be the quiz for you! Take this quiz to find out if you know Star Wars as well as you think you do!

If you get a bad grade, just come back after you have watched the movies again. You probably will do even better than your first score! You never know.

Created by: Lego Leia
  1. Who is Luke's Father?
  2. Who is Luke's twin sister?
  3. Who did Darth Vader use to be?
  4. What color lightsaber does Luke have in Return of the Jedi?
  5. Where is Han Solo taken in The Empire Strikes Back?
  6. Who instructed Obi-Wan Kenobi?
  7. Who instructed Anakin after he turned to the Sith?
  8. Who is Han's co-pilot?
  9. What is Leia's signature hairstyle?
  10. What is Han frozen in?
  11. The easiest one.:) What color is Darth Vader's lightsaber.

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