How well do you know Stampy Longnose? (Easy)

Now you might have thought this quiz would be easy, but it isn't. This will test your Stampy knowledge to see if you are a NOOB or a STAMPY GENIUS!!!!

So you might not have heard of Stampy, if not then he is a great Youtuber who makes hilarious Minecraft lets play videos. They are great and you should totally check them out after my quiz! Have fun!

Created by: Coco love 227

  1. What is Stampy's dog's name in Wonder Quest?
  2. Who is Stampy's enemy?
  3. What is the name of Stampy's minecraft world?
  4. Who is Stampy's girlfriend?
  5. In Stampy's sky den series, what is the mooshroom's name?
  6. What is Stampy's favorite food?
  7. What does Stampy say at the beggining of each video?
  8. What are the names of the snow golems in Reindeer Rodeo?
  9. Where is Stampy from?
  10. Who is Stampy's best friend?
  11. Who does Stampy do Sky Den with?
  12. I think we're going to end this video here so I'll see you all later...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Stampy Longnose? (Easy)