How well do you know SMG?

This is a quiz about how well a specific person is with SMG. This gives you a chance to see where you stand, and what you can improve on and learn after taking this.

Once you have taken the quiz, look at what answers you had gotten wrong. Take those categories into consideration and try to learn from them. Have fun, and enjoy.

Created by: MrRean

  1. What is SMG's main format?
  2. What's the most common obj_arg(s) for determining colors?
  3. What is angleA?
  4. What is required for Silver Stars to work?
  5. What's a hash?
  6. What is the function for reporting to a prompt from the game?
  7. What's the main difference between BMD and BDL?
  8. What's the first function in the DOL?
  9. What's the compiled version code of the game called?
  10. What's true about SMG below?
  11. How are cameras identified from CameraArea?
  12. In what order of programs would you import a model?
  13. What bit is the game?
  14. What language is the game itself written in, before compiled?
  15. Where should be a CameraArea be properly placed?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know SMG?