How well do you know Sketch!

Many smart people scatter this planet with knowledge but that doesn't matter AT ALL! You took my test and did the best you did. Congratulations! :) ______

A very well done to everybody who did the test. Did you get them all right? Are you a genius? If so...Make sure you mention this where ever you are is your friends are a Skootch fans!

Created by: Heidi
  1. What is Sketches real name?
  2. Who is Sketches brother/twin?
  3. How old is Sketch? (2017)
  4. Who is Sketches pet? (Real life)
  5. What challenge does Sketch like to do the most?
  6. What does Sketch usually say at the start of a video?
  7. What is Sketches ROBLOX username?
  8. Sketch looks like:
  9. Who is Sketch not friends with in ROBLOX (The pals)
  10. Where does Sketch live?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Sketch!