What Non-Existing Creature Are You?

I Hope You Did Good, Because It Doesn't Matter If You Get Something Wrong. You're Smart, No Matter What Anybody Thinks. :)And Plus, If You're Not, WHO CARES! :)

Are You Smart? If You Are, That's Truly Amazing. :) Doesn't Matter What Other People Think. You're Smart, No Matter What Other People Think. :) Enjoy Yourself. :)

Created by: Cheyanne Lugo
  1. If You Would Pick Any Superpower, What Would It Be?
  2. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  3. If You Had To Pick A Flying Object, What Would It Be. (Like Something You Wear On Your Back.)
  4. What Do You Like The Most?
  5. How Do You Think You're Doing So Far? (This Has No Effect.)
  6. What Non-Living Creature Do You Think You Are? (This Has No Effect.)
  7. (BONUS QUESTION!!)Do You Watch The Winx Club? (Hint.. Hint..) (Has No Effect.)
  8. What's You're Favorite Activity?
  9. What's One Movie That Has Wings? (Hint.. Hint..)
  10. Ready To See Your Results? (This Has No Effect.)

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Quiz topic: What Non-Existing Creature am I?