What Supernatural Creature Are You

Imaging if you were a supernatural creature?? What kind of creature woukd you be?? Vampire, Warewolf, Witch, Dopelganger or Traveler?? Do you want to know

Take this quiz and youll know what kind of creatures are you and ill tell you a detailed description of the kind of creature yoy are so take the quiz and answer the questions and know what kind of supernatural creature areyou

Created by: Omar Assem
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  1. Are You
  2. Would you like to live forever
  3. Can You Stay Calm And Still For A Long Time
  4. If Someone Makes You So Mad You
  5. If Someone Keeps On Immitating You, you will
  6. Do You Like Speed?
  7. Your 99.9% going to die in 1 day bec. A strong rare disease so you
  8. Would you take a life to save yours
  9. Are You afraid of the dark??
  10. Would you like to impersonate others
  11. Ana lesa 3aysha!!! (This question wont affect your result)

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Quiz topic: What Supernatural Creature am I