how much of a ricer are you?

there is really nothing wrong with being labeled as a ricer or not a ricer. your car is your car and it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks of it or what you do with it. this quiz is just for fun so enjoy.

are you a ricer? find out! you might discover something about you that you didn't know. does it really matter? no, but it might be fun anyway so take a few minutes and see what your score is.

Created by: steve
  1. when buying parts for your car to improve it, do you?
  2. what is the perfect wheels for you car?
  3. what color would you paint your car if it needed a paint job?
  4. how much rice do you eat?
  5. which exhaust system seems to be the best choice for your car?
  6. how would you describe your cars interior
  7. when you see someone with a fast car next to you trying to race and you know their car is faster, what do you do?
  8. how would you like your car to sit?
  9. how do you use your car?
  10. how would you best describe your driving style?
  11. how do people respond when they see your car?

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Quiz topic: How much of a ricer am I?