How well do you know Shahrukh Khan?

We've all heard of Shahrukh Khan (i hope). Also known as King Khan, SRK, The King of Bollywood, etc. But what is a true Shahrukh Khan fan? A true Shahrukh fan is someone who loves this actor, his movies, and knows A LOT about him.

How well do you know this star? How much of a fan are you? Me, being SRK's #1 fan (NO STEALING TITLE!) will help you. Thanks to this quiz, you'll find out quickly. Have fun, and good luck :)

Created by: AliceinNarnia

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  1. When is Shahrukh's birthday
  2. What is Sharukh's dad's first name
  3. How old is his son?
  4. How old is his daughter
  5. How many of his movies has Sharukh's parents seen?
  6. What is he very scared of?
  7. What school teams did he coach as a teenager?
  8. What made him decide to become an actor?
  9. What city was he born in?
  10. How old is Shahrukh Khan?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shahrukh Khan?