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Get my answers right for a big surprise!I hope you will enjoy quiz to all football fans out there I hope you enjoy this quiz people that support football teams!!

You might need to know alot about football because if you don't I suggest you should right now choose another quiz lol!!!!!!!Good luck to you hope you do well!!!!

Created by: Yes a quiz boys!!!

  1. Who is the best footballer in the world?
  2. Who is the best England player out of
  3. Which team won the world cup of 1966?
  4. What place did England come in the 2018 world cup?
  5. What team does Lionel Messi play for
  6. What team does Harry Kane play for?
  7. What country is paulo Dybala from?
  8. Who is better out of Ronaldo and neymar?
  9. What team is better totenham or Manchestercity
  10. What player is better Sergio Aguero or Harry Kane?

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