How Well Do You Know SevenPerfectAngels?

There are many lovers, but few people who look into the details. It is okay, do what your interest tells you. Do you like the internet? Or are you either a paper user? Both are okay. Use your interest.

Which one of these options are you? You may be a lover of anything! It's all in it with interest! Would you rather do this? Or that? You can figure it out in your remaining minutes!

Created by: Anam
  1. Who was the Friday spot before Ellie joined?
  2. True or False: Nicole from SSG was on SevenPerfectAngels before.
  3. If you know who Avery and Anna (From SPA) are, who joined first? Anna or Avery?
  4. Who has been on SPA that hasn't had a goodbye video the longest?
  5. How many times have the SevenPerfectAngels girls met each other in real life?
  6. Who moved to SevenFuntasticGirls after she left SPA? (These are some of the girls who left SPA)
  7. Was there ever a theme on SPA called, "Fairy Dust"?
  8. Who are the three girls who don't live in the USA?
  9. Does the channel normally make skits?
  10. How many SPA girls live in Canada?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know SevenPerfectAngels?