Are you Facebook Addict

A simple quiz is designed to check the general knowledge about Facebook. Most of the users don't know a lot about it. A test is an easy method to get information out of common user, as well as it increases the interest in knowing more.

Remember that following quiz is not an ideal way of judgement of your knowledge. Share it with your friends and don't forget to share your percentage too.

Created by: quizloverlike
  1. Facebook was founded in
  2. The CEO of Facebook is
  3. Minimum age requirement for Facebook account is
  4. How can be Facebook friends categorized
  5. The initial name of Facebook, before its foundation was
  6. Did ever Microsoft purchased shares in Facebook
  7. Which Facebook feature was controversial and was challenged in court
  8. In 2009, Facebook was blocked in
  9. FB supports
  10. Facebook color is blue, because Mark Zuckerberg is

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Quiz topic: Am I Facebook Addict