Of Which Genre are you Best Suited For?

There exist many, many genres to books; millions of years ago, scribing was an excruciatingly difficult skill to possess; now we are capable of reading at about age 6! Topics expand, as well as interest... the books you desire are very well an example of your soul.

You may slobber about fiction, prattle upon comics for hours on end; if you have yet to attempt a book of interest, then perhaps upon finishing this you will have an idea which category will have you up late into the night, caressing the cover of a paperback and whispering.

Created by: Irene Device
  1. What book genre do you currently feast?
  2. If you were traveling which of these characters would be your choice companion?
  3. Are you fond of nature?
  4. Have you yet to experience a book binge?
  5. Are you fond of comics? If so, what sort?
  6. Poetry?
  7. Are you fond of science/math?
  8. Do you believe magic/"fantasy" maintains existence?
  9. Do you easily believe highly scientific diets are adequate, though the government recommends whole meals?
  10. This was horrid. Obnoxious. Nonsensical. Wash-hog!

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Quiz topic: Of Which Genre am I Best Suited For?