How well do you know Scrubs?

This is a very difficult quiz about the television show 'Scrubs'. Only a 'Scrubs' genius can do well in this quiz! A 'Scrubs' genius knows every single thing that there is to know about the television show 'Scrubs'!! i hope you do well!! :)

So, do you think you have what it takes to deserve the title of 'Scrubs Genius'?! do you believe that you have the brain power, mental capacity and sheer force of will? Why don't you take the quiz and find out?! Good luck!

Created by: Bubblegum7
  1. What does J.D stand for?
  2. What is J.Ds brothers name?
  3. Does the janitor ever get a girlfriend?
  4. What did J.D do when he turned 30?
  5. Who is crazy?
  6. Who did Elliott say Turks mom looks like?
  7. What is Dr. Coxs sisters name?
  8. How did J.Ds dad die?
  9. Who in the hospital sings in a band?
  10. What does J.D want from Dr. Cox?
  11. What does Elliott do to one of Carlas sisters on the day of her wedding?
  12. By the end of the last season, how many kids do Dr. Cox and Jordin have?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Scrubs?