How well do you know Rockford

This is my first quiz. I plan on updating the quiz soon. just see how well you would fit into Rockford Illinois. sit back and enjoy some history and culture.

This quiz may appear to have a few opinionated questions but if you are a native and answer honestly they will not affect your score as some questions may have multiple correct answers

Created by: Daniel Anderson

  1. What year was Rockford Illinois founded?
  2. What band lead singer was from Rockford?
  3. What is not a highschool mascot of a Rockford high school ?
  4. What color is the weird symbol along the Rock River?
  5. Where would you go if you wanted to See Jane (the dinosaur)
  6. What last name belongs in front of _______ Japanese Gardens ?
  7. Rockford was a critical part of the Civil War. You may have even found bullet fragments in a park as a kid from the Civil War. Which of these Civil war locations are found in Rockford?
  8. This Children's museum located in Rockford is ranked among the top 25 in the country.
  9. What is Stockholm Inn famous for?
  10. What was an annual holiday tradition for the resident of 5641 Tipple Road around Christmas time?
  11. Do you like snow?
  12. Is it abnormal to get 4 feet of snow in a given winter in Rockford?
  13. What is Linos
  14. what is Rockford's nickname?
  15. are potholes a problem in Rockford?
  16. what is an ice hog
  17. how many seasons are there in Rockford?
  18. Rockford is one of many cities in ILLINOIS. how do you say Illinois
  19. who are the peaches
  20. which of these movies which all take place in Illinois, takes place in Rockford?
  21. what county is Rockford in?
  22. Thanks for playing. I will add more later this question will not affect your score. pick the true statement

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