How well do you know Ranger's Apprentice?

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Try to do your best in the rangers apprentice quiz. click what answer you think is right and continue. Don't research the right answer. Hopefully, it won't be to.o hard.

If you think my answers are wrong, go and research them prove me wrong. if you like rangers apprentice (like me)you will probably get a perfect score. And by the way read the books first. Good luck.


  1. What was Will before a he became a Ranger?
  2. What is the name of Will's horse?
  3. That is the name of the main villain in the first two books?
  4. What are Wargals afraid of?
  5. Who does Halt defeat in Gallica in book 3?
  6. What is Evanlyn real name?
  7. Who was the traitor in book 4?
  8. Who is ransomed in book 7?
  9. What name does Alyss go under in book 5?
  10. What is the healer's name in book 5 and 6?
  11. What is the last name Will adopted?
  12. What is the name of Halt's brother?
  13. How many siblings does Halt have?
  14. What does Halt almost die in book 9?
  15. What helps Horace when they go down the tunnel in book 9?
  16. What was Halt before a Ranger?
  17. Who wants to kill Shigeru in book 10?
  18. What tribe do Alyss and Evanlyn recruit in book 10?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ranger's Apprentice?