How well do you know random facts?

Now is the time to figure out how wel you know some random and some not-so-random stuff!! I wish you good tidings (I don't believe in luck and this is the closest word I could find.)

CAN YOU DO THIS???? I BELIEVE IN YOU..... SORTA.... your best. I know it's kinda tough. CHALLENGE YOURSELF!!! DO GOOD.... or the best good you can do....

Created by: Arthur Fonzarelli

  1. Which is the largest city by population?
  2. Who won the Super bowl in 2001?
  3. How long is a marathon?
  4. When was Magna Carta signed?
  5. Who was the 28 president?
  6. What does ASL stand for?
  7. Which is NOT, repeat NOT, a fruit?
  8. Which TV series did not run anytime in the 1970s?
  9. How many terms is a United States president permitted to run?
  10. Which is the smaller state by population?
  11. When was baseball invented?
  12. How many sides does a nonogon have?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know random facts?