How Well Do You Know "Pretty in Pink"?

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Are you a fan of "Pretty in Pink"? Have you seen this movie for the hundredth time? This quiz is perfect for knowing if you are a true fan. This quiz will rate your knowledge.

Remember, only the best of the best fans of this movie will pass the quiz, so make sure you've seen this movie a few times. I know I have! With that, I'll leave you to it.

Created by: Mayli

  1. Who stars as Andie Walsh in the film?
  2. What is the nickname of Andie's childhood bestfriend who is in love with her?
  3. Who is Andie's coworker and friend who gives her advice on things?
  4. Finish this line from Blaine: "If someone doesn't believe in me..."
  5. What does Andie's father surprise her with, that she turns into something of her own?
  6. Why is Blaine, at first, embarrassed about dating Andie?
  7. How does Blaine make his first move in talking to Andie?
  8. After Andie and Blaine attend a boring party, they decide to go to a bar. Who does Duckie kiss in order to make Andie jealous?
  9. Finish this quote from Andie: "I just wanna let them know that..."
  10. Who does Andie end up with in the end?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know "Pretty in Pink"?