Names that suit you

Today my mother came in office and said get off the computer and clean your room and like i said why.She said get off the apple and get cleaning. Then i said okay okay.

I got my dirty closes and put them in the pink bin that my teddies are meant to be in. And put them in the laundry then i got the pink bin put it back in my room and put all of my teddies in the pink bin.

Created by: moshi2200999

  1. What colour hair do you have
  2. do you like watching television
  3. Are you a neat writer-Ps pick yours
  4. Do you like being in photos
  5. Do you have any sisters
  6. Do you like the name Jessica
  7. do you like the name victoria
  8. Do you like the name Shae
  9. Do u like Xmas
  10. Do you like the name jake
  11. Do you like driving a car
  12. Do you like the colour any blue

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