how well do you know pop stars?

If you want to know all the latest songs??well this is a quiz for you!see how well you do in this quiz!high scores mean your as some! low scores you need improvement!

Are you good at every thing?of course not but you could be good at this quiz!try it and see! It all depends if you're from the 80's or have moved on in life!

Created by: isabella

  1. Whitch is Katy Perry's song?
  2. Who was in katy Perry's dark horse video?
  3. Is 1D
  4. Fill in the blank Do you know what your ........ for
  5. Is sigh
  6. Nicki manage sings
  7. Who in 1D is Irish?
  8. Who is the boy band?
  9. Fill the blank My anaconda don't want ------ unless you've got buns hon!😇
  10. Who sings happy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know pop stars?