Do You Know About Stars?

Do you feel smart on stars? Well take this test. It has 10 questions that test on how much you know about stars so jump in! 10 questions. Are you ready? Take the test.

Do YOU know about these stars? Are you SURE? These are are some flaming questions that includes star names and sizes. So ARE you sure?? Yes? NO??? If yes, than take it.

Created by: Casper Moonstone

  1. What is the largest star discovered?
  2. Our Sun is a(n)-
  3. Is Teide-1 a star?
  4. Alpha Centauri is-
  5. Which is larger:Antares (AN-tare-ee-US) or Betelguese (BEETLE-juice)?
  6. Mu Cephei (Garnet's Star) is a(n)-
  7. VY Canis Majoris will become a-
  8. VV Cephei is a-
  9. Proxima Centauri is-
  10. What is the brightest star in the night sky?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know About Stars?