How well do you know Percy Jackson (The Books)

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Hi... PERCY JACKSON FOR LIFE! Hope you like this quiz and also I hope you have a great day or night/afternoon. Please to not rage if you don't pass or know a question.

Please notify me if possible if something is wrong with my quiz. Also you can share this quiz with friends and family and have a contest. I did that with my family and it makes it even better. Please enjoy!

Created by: Emo Girl

  1. Where does Percy go to camp?
  2. Who is Percy's girlfriend? (Sorry! I can't remember how to spell it!)
  3. What is Rick Riordan's last book of the series? (2018)
  4. Who is Percy's Dad?
  5. Who runs the camp Percy goes to?
  6. Who is Percy's mortal friend?
  7. What is the name of Percy's Pegasus who always calls him boss?
  8. What is Percy's favorite color?
  9. Who is Percy's mother?
  10. Where did Percy grow up?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson (The Books)