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  • Hey there! It's DragonzEye! Hope you loved the quiz! Sorry if you didn't get the results you expected! I think it goes up to 93. I tested it out. Okay! Don't forget to rate and comment!

    please join STN (stop teddy now). its ridiculous and idiotic, not to mention annoying. and its not real-if you believe those lies you should get to a doctor or something. if you hate the teddy chain letter, post this around!

  • You know 73%73% about Percy Jackson!

    You don't know everyhting, but your above average and a true fan of Percy Jackson and the Olyimpians. I can imagine that you know alot about greek myths.

    ok first of all i looked at the answers... grover does end up having a girlfriend named juniper so Mmmmm sugar read it over cuz ive read em ALL!!! everything made by rick riordan so do your history sweetie cuz i dont think you got it all but still 10 stars

  • okay, so Grover and Juniper DO go out! your quiz is a LIE!

  • 67%. totes true. I read 'em all but im not obsesses. good quiz.

    and Im in on the STN thing!


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