How well do you know Percy Jackson

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This is a Percy Jackson Quiz if you don't know how to do these you have to click one of the answers for each question and press submit so you will get your response.

Try your hardest, don't cheat, unless you are looking in the books that is allowed and have fun! Check your response at the end that has been written by our very own Percy Jackson characters.

Created by: Olivia
  1. When does Leo die
  2. Who is the person that lives on Ogygia
  3. Who death responds to the line "One shall be lost in the land without rain"
  4. Are the movies better than the books
  5. Who are the final Preators
  6. How many questions does Nico ask Percy
  7. Finish the quote " Yor really the son of Poseidon! Can you
  8. complete the quote" With great power comes great need to
  9. Who does Annabeth hate the most
  10. Do the seven demigods love their god's traits

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson