Who is your Percy Jackson partner?

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Hi!! This quiz is for you to find out your Percy Jackson partner. You could get Percy, Nico, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Rachel, Hazel, Leo or Frank. This quiz, of course, is imagining you're in their reality, that none of them have any partner, and that those dead, aren't dead.

I'm taking into account your preferences, and the preferences of each of them. If you don't like your answer,just remember, this is a random quiz, I don't know you in person, and the ponts might not add up the way you could've wanted them to. btw: I'm just doing this quiz for fun, don't judge too hard!

Created by: simping for nico :)
  1. Gender
  2. What is your gender prefernce in a partner?
  3. Who is your godly parent / who do you think your godly parent is?
  4. Question 2
  5. Question 2
  6. What do you most like to do on you free time?
  7. Which of these artists do you most listen to / are more alike to what you normally listen to?
  8. Do you like adventure / putting your life at risk?
  9. What do you most look for in a partner?
  10. Now, for your physical preference: which hair color do you prefer / like the most in a partner?
  11. Have height preference?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Percy Jackson partner?